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Partnership can be powerful. We help you access hardware inventory with exclusive pricing, win more RFPs, offload support,
and make more money without reinventing
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The only CSMS backed by a legacy of excellence

ChargeLab is partnered with established manufacturers and distributors, including Eaton, RAB, and ABB. Our white-labeled software powers Eaton's industry-leading EV charger hardware.

ChargeLab verified hardware

Our test lab rigorously vets hardware so you can deploy with confidence. We test every connectivity scenario and ensure that verified chargers comply with OCPP best practices and safe power management functionality. In California, ChargeLab is CTEP-certified with more hardware models than any other provider.

ABB Terra 53
ABB Terra 53
50 kW
Fully verified (CTEP)
Autel MAXI US AC W12-L-4G
Autel MaxiCharger
Level 2
12 kW
Fully verified
Eaton Green Motion Building Pro
Eaton Green Motion Building Pro
Level 2
11.5 kW
Fully verified (CTEP, power mgmt.)
Siemens VersiCharge
Siemens VersiCharge
Level 2
9.6 kW
Fully verified (power mgmt.)

Not using verified hardware? No problem, ChargeLab supports basic functionality on any OCPP-compliant EV charger.

Become a ChargeLab reseller

Drive easy incremental revenue with simple flat-rate SaaS pricing.

Network plans

EV charging software

From $25 / port / mo.

Sell your customers on a three-year plan (10% off) or five-year plan (20% off) to lock in recurring revenue. Get a flat-rate reseller discount of up to 15% to maximize margin. 

One plan. All features.
  • Level 2 AC network plan

    $25 per port per month

  • DCFC network plan

    $50 per port per month

  • Site manager dashboard
  • EV driver web app
  • Deployment tools
  • 24/7 driver & site manager support

    In-house and based in North America

  • Power management

    No setup fee. No added subscription!

  • Pricing & discounts
  • Access control
  • Credit card reader support

    Fully compatible with Payter and Nayax

  • API access
  • Show platform featuresHide platform features


White labeling & connectivity

From $1.5K / mo.

Make your brand the hero by customizing the site manager dashboard and EV driver web app with your logo and colors. 

Add-on services include
  • SIM card & 4G data plan

    $8 per SIM per month

  • Branded dashboard

    $1,500/month, or $2,500 bundled with the web app

  • Branded web app

    $1,500/month, or $2,500 bundled with the dashboard

  • Branded RFID cards

    Order in volumes ranging from 250–2,000

Partnering with ChargeLab
has never been easier

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Continue to grow by recouping up to 15% margin on every software sale.
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What our partners say

We make money when you make money.
Our team is here to support you every step of the way. 

Zander Mrlick

President at Intertie

"ChargeLab has been a people driven business from day one. It's been the same mission to essentially put customers first. That's what's been really key with the success of ChargeLab. Investors have invested in ChargeLab and you've have built up a huge reputation in space. It's all because of people."

Paul Ryan

General Manager of Connected Solutions at Eaton

"At Eaton, we’re creating new opportunities for customers to manage power far more effectively and make the most of energy infrastructure. Together, [ChargeLab and Eaton] are bringing end-to-end solutions for charging infrastructure to the table"

Ali Karvar

President and GM of Nidec Conversion Americas

"Obtaining CTEP certification [with ChargeLab] for our DirectPowerPS 360 DC fast chargers is a significant achievement.

It's a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, compliant charging solutions."

Richard Osuch

CEO of My EV Charger

"We are thrilled to partner with ChargeLab and EVBox to bring advanced charging
solutions to Mercedes-Benz of Plano.

This deployment represents a significant step forward in supporting the EV community and sets the bar for dealerships nationwide.” 

Angelo Elyassi

SR. Director of North American Sales & Marketing at EVBox

"We are excited to partner with ChargeLab and My EV Charger to bring our Troniq Modular
chargers [to market]. This project showcases our commitment to expanding EV infrastructure and supporting the transition to sustainable transportation."


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By 2040, the EV charging market is projected to exceed $100B* in the US alone. What are you waiting for?