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EV charger rebate finder

Over 70% of the United States is currently covered by EV charger rebates or incentives. There are hundreds of different rebate programs offered by all levels of government, utilities, and other entities.

Use ChargeLab's rebate finder tool below to find the rebates that may be applicable to you or your business. Simply enter your zip code, the type of EV chargers you hope to install, and what role you will play in the charger installation (business, homeowner, contractor, or distributor).

Federal Tax Credit (AFITC)

In addition to the rebates listed above in the rebate finder, your business may be eligible for the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit (AFITC). As of January 1, 2023, the AFITC federal tax credit is worth 30% of the purchase and install cost of commercial EV chargers up to $100,000.

AFITC is applicable to a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Multi-family buildings and hotels
  • Commercial parking lot operators and workplaces
  • Public sites including retail
  • Corporate and public fleet operators
  • Municipal transit agencies

For more information about claiming the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit, see the instructions for IRS Form 8911 and Form 8911 itself.

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ChargeLab turnkey installation partners can help you take advantage of local incentives and rebates. Contact one of our partners today to kick off your EV charging project.

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