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24 electric vehicles we’re excited about (that aren't Teslas)

A rundown of the best electric vehicles in 2024 and beyond.
24 images of ev cars in a grid formation.

When it comes to high-quality EVs, Tesla isn’t the only game in town anymore.

The auto industry has steered hard into sustainable cars, so now we have a wide field with something to appeal to everyone. We decided to pick out a few of our favorites from concept to coming soon to here-and-now, based on basics like price, handling, and performance, but also taking into account energy efficiency, MPGe (Miles per Gallon Equivalent), and just how cool they look.

Please note that the information provided is subject to change as new models are released and additional details become available. For the latest updates on electric vehicles, stay tuned to reputable automotive news sources and manufacturer announcements.

Available Now


Image source: Audi

Audi Q4 e-tron (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $55,200

Fuel Economy: Up to 103 MPGe

Audi’s known for refinement, and the 2024 Q4 e-tron competes well in its class with a smooth ride, ample range, and an luxury interior. Intuitive technology and safety features make it family-friendly, and a 258-mile range (and 28-minute 10-80% DC fast charging time) make it good for family trips. But it’s also a little more beefy than your typical family car, with 335 hp under the hood and a 0-60 time around five seconds.


Image source: BMW

BMW i4 (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $52,200

Fuel Economy: Up to 120 MPGe

The 2024 BMW i4 offers a blend of classic sedan and cutting-edge tech. With a range of up to 307 miles per charge and stellar performance, it stands out as a top pick for a sport-luxury EV. Handling will be comfortingly familiar for BMW enthusiasts, going 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and throwing 586 LB-FT torque and 536 hp into the mix. Anyone who still thinks EVs are slow hasn’t driven one of these.


Image source: Chevrolet

Chevrolet Equinox EV (2024)

MSRP: $43,295

Fuel Economy: 319 miles of range

A green SUV used to be the Holy Grail of EVs. Chevy’s Equinox line would’ve made Arthur’s quest for that cup a whole lot easier, without costing a king’s ransom. Fast charging capability and multiple trim options make it both efficient and practical as a daily driver, and roomy enough to accommodate you, your consort, all your princes and princesses, and all their stuff. Well, most of it, anyway.


Image source: Fisker

Fisker Ocean (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $38,999

Fuel Economy: Up to 360 miles per charge

Fisker’s had its ups and downs as a brand, but they make some very pretty cars and their commitment to quirky innovation tugs at our hearts. Like a touchscreen control panel that rotates from landscape to portrait positioning (very popular with software developers) and “California Mode,” which opens all the Ocean’s windows and roof simultaneously for that true California Dreamin’ experience. But its use of recycled plastics and polymers, eco-friendly cabin fabrics, and ethically sourced materials make this brand an unequivocal standout for the eco-conscious.


Image source: Ford

Ford Mustang Mach-E (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $45,890

Fuel Economy: Up to 103 MPGe

For proof that EV is the future, we give you the premier muscle car of the ‘70s at zero emissions and a range topping 300 miles. That’s about 50% better than the Mustang Shelby could ever manage. But if it’s a Mustang, it’s got to be fast, and the Mach-E passed that barrier in road tests where it broke 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. Frank Bullitt would be proud.


Image source: Genesis

Genesis GV60 (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $52,000

Fuel Economy: Up to 112 MPGe

How about a small electric crossover that offers luxury, sporty handling, and guts? The Genesis GV60 features a gorgeous interior, a range of 294 miles (comparable in its class), and a fast charge time that goes from 10–80% in as little as 18 minutes with a DCFC. Meanwhile, “boost mode” will take you from 0–60 mph in four seconds flat. And just like your phone, the Genesis offers FaceID-like tech to unlock doors just by recognizing you. Now that’s keyless entry.


Image source: Hyundai

Hyundai IONIQ 5 (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $41,800

Fuel Economy: Up to 114 MPGe

The IONIQ line has been a steady performer for years now, and the IONIQ 5 crossover maintains the quality at a more affordable price. You’ll find a good variety of trim packages and powertrain choices, and as with a lot of Hyundai cars, you’ll likely see your dollar stretch further for the extras you want. It won’t hit a level of luxury that other models do, but the 2024 IONIQs do include a Disney100 Platinum Editions, designed with input from Walt Disney Imagineering. It is a small world after all.


Image source: Kia

Kia EV6 (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $42,600

Fuel Economy: Up to 117 MPGe

Kia might not immediately conjure best-in-class images, but the 2023 EV6 GT was named World Performance Car by the World Car Awards, and the 2024 edition seems to be keeping up appearances. Sleek and offering packages that accentuate performance or range, the EV6 has become a standout in the EV crossover segment. 


Image source: Rivian

Rivian R1S (2024)

MSRP: From $74,900

Fuel Economy: MPGe Up to 82 city / 74 highway

But sometimes, you just need more. Rivian’s EV trucks aren’t going to win awards for luxury or speed, but they do truck pretty darn well. The 2024 R1S is a three-row beast with a range up to 400 miles and a gob-smacking 104.7 cubic feet of storage space—that’s folding the back two rows down, plus a front-trunk, plus an under-the-floor space in back. That’ll fit a bike or two. And the new R2 hits the streets in 2026.


Image source: vw

Volkswagen ID.4 (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $39,735

Fuel Economy: Up to 113 MPGe

Fahrvergnugen is alive and well over at VW. The ID.4 is a great entry-level EV with a solid list of trim packages to choose from and a few advanced safety features to soothe your nerves. Its IQ.DRIVE system scans your surroundings at all times and alerts you to any hazards, while some packages include parking assistance. You can even get one with a hitch cleared to haul up to 2700 pounds. And just for an extra bit of fun, you can light up the iconic VW trunk badge… and customize its backlight color. You know you want to.

Coming Soon


Image source: Audi

Audi A6 e-tron (2025)

MSRP: To be announced

Fuel Economy: Up to 400 miles per charge

Remember what we said about Audi and refinement? The A6 e-tron looks like it’ll up the ante on the brand’s trademark luxury and add a driving range of more than 400 miles per charge to the package. The A6 actually boasts two electric motors, one driving each axle, for all-wheel drive. DC fast-charging will come standard, with a targeted 5-to-80 percent charge in 25 minutes. Which doesn’t give you too long to stand around admiring how cool your car looks, but that’s really something for other people to do. 


Image source: BYD


MSRP: To be announced

Fuel Economy: Up to 500km

Stepping over the pond for a moment, BYD is a Chinese manufacturer focused on the UK market, and their Seal U looks to introduce an electric SUV to that generally SUV-shy region. Still, since the owners won’t have to fill it up with super-expensive, by-the-liter gasoline, possibly it’ll have a shot. We’re certainly intrigued by the floating center console and “oceanic crystal” gearbox. 


Image source: Cadillac

Cadillac Celestiq (2024)

MSRP: Starting at over $300,000

Fuel Economy: Approximately 300 miles per charge

Sure, the others have luxury, but Caddies are about opulence. So how much car do you get for the price of a decent Midwestern house? The Celestiq certainly looks like something James Bond would drive, but Q also equipped this model with a dual-motor AWD powertrain estimated to make 600 hp and launch it off the line to 60 in 3.8 seconds. Cadillac also claims it’ll put on 78 miles of range for just a 10-minute charge. Clever, Mr. Bond.


Image source: Honda

Honda Prologue (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $47,400

Fuel Economy: Up to 300 miles per charge

Okay, but sometimes you just need something practical. Something you can put a few dents into without inducing panic attacks. Honda’s Prologue SUV looks to be just that… a car with fast charging (65 miles on a 10-minute charge) and a “neo-rugged” design that’s going to keep it together no matter what you throw at it. And it was designed in VR, which is kinda neat.


Image source: Huawei

Huawei Luxeed S7 (2024)

MSRP: Pre-selling at 258,000 yuan (about 35,360 USD)

Fuel Economy: Up to 371 miles per charge

Competing directly with Tesla's Model S, the Huawei Luxeed S7 offers high-tech features and an impressive range in the Asian markets. The S7 comes with a unique DriveOne 800V high-voltage silicon carbide gold power battery, which we’re eager to see in the field. It’s also ready for an autonomous driving future: Huawei’s Automatic Driving System 2.0 is baked in, which provides support for special obstacles and road conditions. It also has independent route selection technology and an autonomous parking system.


Image source: Lexus

Lexus LFA EV (2025)

MSRP: To be announced

Fuel Economy: Up to 430 miles per charge

Let’s start with the obvious: This would look good in our driveway. We would drive this in Monte Carlo without shame. It would, in fact, completely solve a mid-life crisis. Car and Driver have already labeled the LFA EV as one of the top (if not the first) EV supercars, and we’re slightly curious how fast the Stig could take it around the Top Gear test track. Pretty fast, we expect, given it’s got a 0–60 in the low 2-second range. But it’s also an EV, so its planned 430-mile range means we’d leave other supercars far, far, far in the dust. Take that, Clarkson.


Image source: Lucid

Lucid Gravity (2024)

MSRP: Around $90,000 (estimated)

Fuel Economy: Up to 400 miles per charge

Expanding Lucid's already-impressive lineup, the Gravity SUV is targeting that sweet spot between luxury and sustainability. The interior boasts a striking 34-inch floating screen with a 6K resolution display, which might be better than the desktop monitor you’re reading this on. It also comes with Lucid’s Sanctuary™ feature, which creates a “multi-sensory wellness space…[using] visuals, lighting, audio, temperature, and massage.” And we like wellness around here.


Image source: Porsche

Porsche Macan EV (2025)

MSRP: To be announced

Fuel Economy: Up to 310 miles per charge

A Porsche EV is always going to get our attention, and the Macan is taking notes from the recent  Panamera and Cayenne models, both of which feature central and passenger displays. The dual-motor Macan Turbo outputs 630 hp and reaches 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. It’s all built on Porsche’s new Premium Platform Electric, using an 800-volt architecture. As a result, these 100 kWh batteries can go from 10% to 80% charge in 21 minutes at a high-powered DCFC. Plus, it’s a Porsche. Accept no substitutes. 


Image source: Polestar

Polestar 4 (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $54,900

Fuel Economy: Up to 300 miles per charge

The Polestar is looking to add performance handling to an SUV chassis, combining a spacious interior with coupe-style aerodynamics. That already had us intrigued, but between a panoramic sunroof and interior illumination that forms a light line orbiting the cabin—a space-inspired aesthetic—this is a toy we definitely want to play with.


Image source: Volkswagen

Volkswagen ID. Buzz (2024)

MSRP: Around $60,000 (estimated)

Fuel Economy: Up to 260 miles per charge

Everybody misses the old hippy VW bus days; there’s no denying it. So we’re very happy to see it returning with a green spin. Nostalgia aside, the duotone paint job and throwback aesthetics are about all we know about the Buzz so far… Volkswagon is keeping this one pretty close to the chest. But If it’s anything like they revamped Bug they put out back in the early 2000’s, expect people to jump on this. Fingers crossed that there's a pop-top camper bus package available.

Radical Concepts


Image source: Afeela

Sony/Honda Afeela (2026)

MSRP: Not specified

Fuel Economy: Not specified

Representing a collaboration between Sony and Honda, the long-in-development Afeela sedan promises advanced technology and electric performance, offering a unique driving experience for tech-savvy buyers. Sony’s influence is clear throughout the project: There’s an immersive entertainment experience, enhanced noise cancellation, and “soul-stirring” spatial audio… and who doesn’t want their soul stirred? The system also introduces AR navigation and AI driving assistance. Though specs are limited for the prototype, they’ve revealed the car will have an AWD drivetrain and a lithium-ion battery with 91kWH of capacity. 


Image source: Canoo

Canoo Electric Pickup Truck (2024)

MSRP: To be announced

Fuel Economy: Up to 200 miles per charge

This beefy boy caters to the outdoorsy types who like their wheels muddy and their seat high off the ground. The Canoo boasts over 500 hp and a payload capacity of up to 1800 lbs. It’s also equipped with power train AWD or RWD options. But the clinchers for us are the roof rack (mandatory truck gear), pull-out bed, and flip-down tables. The only other thing you need is a forest to drive to.


Image source: Honda

Honda Saloon (2026)

MSRP: To be announced

Fuel Economy: Not specified

We like TRON. We’re convinced whoever designed the Saloon—expected sometime in 2026—also likes TRON, because this car is straight off the game grid with neon lighting back and front. Debuting at CES 2024 alongside its more minivan cousin, the Space-hub, the Saloon promises sleek urban performance with an unmatched sci-fi style and Honda dependability. We’re expecting this to be one exceedingly well-engineered automobile and possibly the EV successor to the Accord.


Image source: Nimbus

Nimbus One (2024)

MSRP: Starting at $10,000

Fuel Economy: Up to 370 MPGe

If we mentioned the Isetta and your ears suddenly twitched, have we got news for you. The Nimbus One’s door might be on the side and not the front, but it’s still a twee, three-wheeled, urban bubble-car commuter that’ll never have trouble finding a parking spot where no other car could possibly fit. It might seem niche, but a low-cost, quirky little beast like this will find its niche with a horde of enthusiasts who love having one. Just like Isetta drivers still do

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