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8 EV charging hardware providers that belong on your shortlist

Years of experience, multiple charging solutions, and OCPP-compliant hardware are just some of what they have to offer
ABB EV charging hardware (courtesy of ABB)

You’ve found your charging system management software (CSMS)—now it’s time to pick out the hardware that will power your EV charging network. To help you save time researching the numerous options and bring your network live as fast as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the eight best EV charging hardware providers on the market today. These brands are experts and pioneers in EV charging solutions, and all offer open charging hardware that allows you to integrate your white-label CSMS platform. 

8 of the best EV charging hardware providers


Why is it an industry leader?

ABB’s roots as an electronics manufacturer extend back to the late 1800s—now, it is a leading multinational producer of robotics, automation, and EV charging solutions.

ABB has over a decade of experience in the EV industry and provides EV hardware for various use cases, from compact AC wallboxes for personal use to DC fast charging stations for public use, as well as chargers built for commercial use and industrial fleets. It features one of the world's largest install bases of DC fast chargers.

Benefits of partnering with ABB:

  • Modular design ensures operation and upgradability with replaceable parts.
  • Supports all open charging standards, enabling compatibility with most of your customers’ vehicles.
  • Operates in over 100 countries
  • Reliable troubleshooting and service-level infrastructure support.

All of ABB’s EV charging hardware utilizes version 1.6 of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for both its Core and Smart Charging profiles, as well as providing autocharging capabilities through OCPP. This ensures that ABB’s infrastructure is fully compatible with white-label CSMS solutions. 

ChargeLab’s CSMS is open, interoperable, and hardware-agnostic—meaning it can seamlessly integrate with your current or future EV charging infrastructure. Learn more about how ChargeLab’s feature-rich software can help you manage your EV chargers no matter where you are. 


Why is it an industry leader?

Founded in 1911, Eaton operates in over 170 countries and is a core member of the Charging Interface Initiative. The company offers personal and fleet EV charging solutions, with a 50-150 kW DC fast charger currently in production.

Benefits of partnering with Eaton:

  • Offers integrated solutions for the entire EV charging infrastructure, from software to charging stations, power distribution equipment, and more.
  • Energy storage systems help you avoid surging energy costs during peak usage.
  • Integrate solar panels directly into infrastructure to further reduce costs.

Eaton’s EV chargers will seamlessly connect to Eaton’s other EV hardware products and will also integrate with any other OCPP-enabled hardware solution through OCPP 1.6J compliance. 


Why is it an industry leader?

Siemens is Europe's largest industrial manufacturing company, with products and services in energy, healthcare, industrial automation, and much more. It is also a leading producer of EV charging solutions, offering AC wallboxes, DC fast charging, and DC charging for fleets.

Benefits of partnering with Siemens:

  • Consulting services to help EV charging businesses plan their grids with an eye toward realistic, profitable outcomes.
  • Training programs for certified installers.
  • Fully integrated hardware and software solutions.

While Siemens offers its own proprietary CSMS platform, hardware like the VersiCharge AC electric vehicle charging station supports OCPP. This ensures that white-label solutions integrate with the hardware for full operability.


Why is it an industry leader?

Zerova is a relatively new name, but its parent company Phihong has over 50 years of experience in power supply solution development. It brings its decades of experience into the EV space, creating commercial and fleet chargers as well as charging hubs.

Benefits of partnering with Zerova:

  • Multiple colors and configurations to match a range of facility aesthetics, viewable in an interactive preview.
  • Remote delivery of firmware updates.
  • Optional accessories like wired/wireless connections and RFID card readers allow for enhanced back office and user management.

White-label CSMS providers like ChargeLab can integrate with OCPP 1.6 Json connections—many Zerova chargers are upgradable to OCPP 2.0 for future-proofing.

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Why is it an industry leader?

EVBox began delivering electronic vehicle charging supplies in 2010. Since then, it’s helped install over 400,000 charging ports globally and partnered with companies like Unilever, Rexel, and Your Parking Space.

Benefits of partnering with EVBox:

  • Turnkey solutions eliminate the complexity of creating EV infrastructure.
  • Easy, app-based setup.
  • Expert installation and flexible warranties.

EVBox is built with OCPP 1.6 protocols, allowing the use of any software backend. EVBox also doesn’t lock users into its own or other platforms, granting value-added resellers the freedom to switch to new platforms if they need an upgrade.


Why is it an industry leader?

Formed in 1975 by former Texas Instruments employees in Taiwan, Lite-On has become a leader in consumer electronics manufacturing. Lite-On began its Clean Energy Solutions department nearly a decade ago and has since deployed over 50,000 electric vehicle supply equipment products in Europe and North America. 

Lite-On is also a white-label hardware manufacturer, providing solutions for North American brands like EvoCharge and MetroEV

Benefits of partnering with Lite-On:

  • A focus on research and development ensures you’re getting cutting-edge technology.
  • Multiple brands means variety—choose the partner who suits your business needs and get the same reliable hardware.
  • Multiple models (Basic, Smart, and Intelligent) offer additional OLED displays or RFID input if needed.

Lite-On utilizes OCPP 1.6 data protocols in its Smart and Intelligent charger iterations, allowing CSMS platforms to integrate directly with the hardware.


Why is it an industry leader?

The newest company on this list, United Chargers, was formed in 2019 to provide practical and affordable EV charging solutions for home and commercial use. Its flagship product line is the Grizll-E family of robust, heavy-duty chargers made for Canadian markets.

Benefits of partnering with United Chargers:

  • Rugged design built with NEMA 4 Cast Aluminum ensures chargers can operate in any environment.
  • Affordable prices make it great for small businesses and start-ups looking to begin their first EV charging business.

Grizzl-E EV chargers utilize WiFi connectivity and are compatible with any OCPP 1.6 application, enabling the integration of white-label CSMS platforms.


Why is it an industry leader?

Tritium was created in 2001 on the heels of the successful launch of its Gold Controller motor inverter for solar vehicles. Since then, it has become a pioneer in the EV charging industry, becoming the first company in the world to implement Plug and Charge capability for seamless transaction processing through the charging cable.

Benefits of partnering with Tritium:

  • A focus on supporting commercial and industrial EV rollout, making Tritium one of the premiere destinations for fleets, dealerships, retail, workplaces, and network operators.
  • Experts in DC fast charging, with options ranging from 50kW to 350kW.

Tritium’s chargers support OCPP 1.6J for full integration of white-label CSMS platforms.

Expert hardware needs expert software

No matter which EV manufacturer you go with, you need a charging management system that helps maximize power efficiency along with profits. We’ve built ChargeLab to be open and hardware agnostic—connect and monitor any OCPP-compliant EV charger, add your branding, and take complete control over your experience with flexible APIs. Discover how ChargeLab brings out the best in your choice of EV charging hardware today.

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