The 5 biggest electric vehicle charging companies

The electric vehicle charging industry has evolved over the last decade, with innovative companies pushing the bounds of infrastructure to create large-scale charging networks around the world. Partnering with an EV charging company can be a gateway to becoming a leader in a rapidly growing sector, but the market has become oversaturated with companies trying to stir up buzz. However, if you’re in the industry — or looking to get involved — it’s good to know who the biggest players are and what they’re doing. We’ve narrowed down the selection to the crown joules, compiling a list of the biggest electric vehicle charging companies currently on the market.

The biggest electric vehicle charging companies share similar values

Most EV charging companies share a similar set of brand values that guide their hand. Across the industry, the goal is to lower carbon emissions and make EV charging more accessible. The two values are so ubiquitous that it's safe to assume every entry on this list shares them, but if there’s anything that makes a company extra special, we’ll mention it below.


ABB is a Swedish-Swiss company with a massive footprint in the EV charging space. The company has solutions for residential, retail, and fleet charging available around the world, which has been a defining factor of its growth. One of ABB’s greatest strengths is that it has experience in multiple technological fields, which has given it a rich well of knowledge to pull from. In the early years of the EV charging industry, ABB became known as the most popular manufacturer of DC fast chargers. Today, they have a full range of products including Level 2 chargers.

Quick facts:

  • ABB was founded in 1988 as part of a merger, though both involved companies were founded in the late 1800s as electrical equipment manufacturers.
  • According to ABB, the company has more than 105,000 employees.
  • In January 2023, ABB announced the sale of its 1 millionth EV charger. The company also announced a new factory in the United States that will produce 10,000 DC fast chargers per year.


If you’re wondering what company makes EV charging stations and has a large established user base, ChargePoint is the answer. With more than 174,000 charging stations around the world, ChargePoint’s is one of the biggest electric vehicle charging companies out there, which lends it a decent bit of brand recognition. ChargePoint offers both hardware and software for EV charging, as well as operating its own network of EV charging stations.

Quick facts:

  • ChargePoint went public in 2021 in a $480 million de-SPAC transaction.
  • The company provides EV charging stations to both Disney theme parks in the United States.
  • ChargePoint has a solution for many use cases, from public to fleet.


Eaton has more than 85,000 employees around the world and made $20.8 billion in sales in 2022. The company started in 1911 and has grown to become one of the foremost electric vehicle charging companies. The company isn’t just focused on EV charging, but also evolving vehicle electrification technologies more broadly.

Quick facts: 

  • Eaton was founded in the US, but its global headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Eaton makes multiple components for the aerospace industry, including both military and commercial flights.
  • Eaton first launched EV chargers in 2012 before taking a break from the EV charging industry in the late-2010s. In 2022, they re-launched a new line of EV chargers with software built in collaboration with ChargeLab.

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EVgo operates one of the largest public networks of DC fast chargers in the United States. The emphasis on fast chargers is a central aspect of EVgo’s long-term strategy. The company wants to speed up the process of EV adoption in the United States, with conveniently located fast chargers being a crucial selling point for drivers looking to make the change. They emphasize marketing customer-first features like reliability, convenience, and special offers.

Quick facts:

  • EVgo is looking to triple in size over the next five years by adding thousands more fast chargers to its network.
  • The company currently serves 60 metropolitan areas, with charging stations in 30 states.
  • EVgo’s rapid growth and fast charging stations make it a great choice for public use.


With simple installation procedures and solutions for both residential and commercial use, it’s no wonder that Siemens has grown to become one of the EV charging industry’s biggest companies. The company is focused on delivering scalable, intuitive networks that don’t neglect charging speeds. 

Quick facts:

  • Founder Werner von Siemens laid the foundation for the company in 1847 by designing the pointer telegraph.
  • The Siemens brand operates under three separately managed companies: Siemens AG, Siemens Energy, and Siemens Healthineers. The goal is to allow each company to become an independent leader in its respective field.
  • At the time the company was spun off, about one-sixth of worldwide electricity generation was based on technologies from Siemens Energy.

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