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ChargeLab is officially a certified Great Place to Work®

The distinction is based on an independent analysis of employee feedback conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Canada
ChargeLab is officially a certified Great Place to Work®

We’re thrilled to announce that ChargeLab is included on this year’s list of certified Great Places to Work. This certification, which is based on extensive employee surveys, shows that our commitment to building a people-first culture is paying off. We’d like to thank our entire team for helping us achieve this recognition, and for sharing honest feedback to tell us what we’ve got right and where we can do better. 

Here are a few reasons why we are a Great Place to Work®: 

We develop great people managers

At ChargeLab, we live our values every day. One of those values is that we like to treat people like adults—we give folks freedom and flexibility with their work schedules and afford them trust from day one. Our value around feedback acts as a natural counterbalance: We care personally and challenge directly. That means investing in our mutual success and pushing each other to grow, regardless of power dynamics. 

The result? We develop great people managers. This fact was a standout in the GPTW survey data. 95% of employees said their managers trust them to do a good job without watching over their shoulders. Respondents also largely confirmed that their managers are approachable and show sincere interest in them as people. 

We make this happen by setting clear goals and facilitating open communication. Our team is enthusiastic about giving feedback, and it always flows in both directions. Our Slack-based recognition program means employees always get the high-fives they deserve (in the form of taco emojis). 

“Working at ChargeLab has meant working with a highly-passionate team that punches above its weight in just about every respect, from output to professionalism and organizational maturity. You get the pace and excitement of working at a startup combined without all of the cultural nastiness that often accompanies it. Best of both worlds!”

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We love what we build

ChargeLab is a fast-paced startup, so our culture inherently fosters a sense of ownership. We attract people who value the opportunity to be owners and love to see the impact of their work in the world. 

93% of employees say they look forward to coming to work here and feel good about the ways we contribute to the community. Our team also shares a sense of pride, which means they’re willing to give a little extra to get the job done. We also attract people who get a jolt of pleasure from playing the long game and challenge themselves to see around corners. It’s all part of working on the frontline of innovation. 

One key way we help employees be owners is through our annual employee awards. The “Chargies,” as they’re affectionately called, recognize people for building things we can all be proud of. 

“Helping to build a company that will transform the EV charging industry, where you're challenged and respected for the work you put in—what could be better?” 

We celebrate, collaborate, and recharge

Camaraderie isn’t a given—especially in remote or hybrid work environments. Collaboration becomes much more of a trust exercise when you’re communicating virtually, which is why another value we share is to do what you say. 

Having each other’s backs goes a long way. 95% of employees say that people care about each other here. We think continuing to maximize opportunities for collaboration will take us even further. That’s why we’ve invested in our new HQ and test lab—we’re gearing up to host the whole squad in person this May. 

95% of ChargeLab employees also say that this is actually a fun place to work. Fun and work don’t always belong in the same sentence, but we like to think our happy hours and coffee sessions thread the needle. 

“The best company I’ve ever worked in! I am able to work with many talented and kind people. The company culture is great, the work is challenging but rewarding, and we have great social events!” 

Our PeopleOps team lead, Emily Pilon, takes none of this for granted. A recent addition to the team herself, Emily is striving to shape processes that empower people to show up as their best selves every day. “As I get to know all of you, I’m constantly reminded of the passion and commitment you all have for ChargeLab’s mission. It’s been particularly refreshing to see many of our company values in action. While there’s always work to be done, I’m confident we have a bright organizational future ahead of us,” Emily shared. 

This moment also marks a milestone in our growth trajectory. As we continue to charge forward in our mission to build EV charging solutions that scale, we feel more confident than ever. This team shows up with unrivaled passion and dedication each day, and that’s what makes ChargeLab a great place to work. 

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