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Industry Launches Agora to Drive Electric Vehicle Adoption Through EV Roaming

This week ChargeLab and our partner Ivy announced we're joining Agora— an industry consortium to promote roaming, led by ChargeHub. Read the full release below for the story!

MONTREAL — NOVEMBER 17, 2023 — Two major Canadian charging networks – The Electric Circuit and BC Hydro – and ChargeHub, a leader in EV roaming solutions, announce the launch of Agora. This industry initiative, made possible with Natural Resources Canada's financial support, aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) through EV roaming. Although the concept is still at its early stage, Agora’s main goal is to create awareness and provide educational resources about the fact that in Canada, it is possible for EV drivers and commercial fleet managers to use a single account to connect on multiple charging networks. 

EV roaming is a pillar of the electrification of transportation by allowing access to a maximum number of public charging stations, while enabling EV drivers to use their preferred method of activation and payment. To this end, Agora is proposing a bilingual pan-Canadian campaign to promote awareness of the subject not only among the general public, but also among fleet managers and industry players. 

Agora offers several features:

  • A website to answer key questions about EV roaming
  • A tool to find charging networks compatible with the most important mobility services in Canada and the United States
  • Statistics on the state of interoperability in Canada, as well as dedicated resources for the industry

This industry initiative, made possible with a $184,369 investment to Mogile Technologies Inc (ChargeHub’s parent company) provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Awareness Initiative, will support the adoption of EVs through a better charging and payment experience for EV drivers and commercial fleet managers. 

This initiative is also supported by many other industry partners, who are also committed to raising awareness of the importance of EV roaming to help deliver the best charging experience to Canadians: Nissan, VinFast, Ivy Charging Network, Hypercharge, SWTCH, ATCO, NB Power, ChargeLab, Electric Vehicle Society, Running Electric campaign, Propulsion Québec, Quebec Electric Vehicle Association (AVEQ) other partners to be confirmed.

“As manager of the Agora project, ChargeHub seeks to federate the industry around greater charging network interoperability, which we believe is essential to accelerate the electrification of transportation. With the growth of public charging networks, we as an industry must always aim to offer the best charging experience for end users. The Agora initiative ensures that the industry shares this vision and scales up EV roaming.”

Simon Ouellette
CEO, ChargeHub

“Zero-emission vehicles are helping Canadians to reduce emissions and save money on fuel while creating good jobs throughout the supply chain. Investing in zero-emission vehicles will put more Canadians in the driver’s seat on the road to a net-zero future and help achieve our climate goals.”

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson  
Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Canada

“British Columbia is a great place to drive an electric vehicle because about 98 per cent of the electricity BC Hydro generates comes from clean and renewable resources. We are pleased to partner with Agora to help make EV adoption easier and more accessible for EV drivers, no matter where you’re traveling in Canada.”

Chris O’Riley
CEO, BC Hydro

“EV roaming is a significant asset for the electrification of transportation, and Agora will enable its effective promotion. Facilitating access to interoperable networks through a single account is a priority for the Electric Circuit. That's why we are proud to be a partner in this initiative.”

France Lampron, 
Director – Development of Energy and Mobility Offers at Hydro-Québec

For more information:
Watch Agora’s educational video about EV roaming
Visit Agora’s website at www.agoracharge.com 

About Agora
EV roaming is a key element in accelerating transportation electrification. Being able to charge an electric vehicle anywhere with a single account is the vision behind the Agora initiative. This industry-led project is supported by numerous partners to offer the best charging and payment experience to EV drivers and commercial fleet managers.

About ChargeHub (Mogile Technologies Inc.)
ChargeHub is the architect behind Passport Hub, North America’s largest EV roaming hub that enables the industry to interconnect networks to offer large-scale charging interoperability. ChargeHub’s unique expertise helps mobility service providers and charging networks to streamline, simplify and scale roaming interoperability integrations. ChargeHub is also the largest network-independent community-driven EV charging app, with over 1 million annual users. For more information, visit https://solutions.chargehub.com/

About Natural Resources Canada
Natural Resources Canada develops policies and programs that enhance the contribution of the natural resources sector to the economy, improve the quality of life for all Canadians and conducts innovative science in facilities across Canada to generate ideas and transfer technologies. We are an established leader in the fields of energy sources and distribution, forests and forestry, minerals and mining, earth sciences, energy efficiency, and science and data. We also represent Canada at the international level to meet the country's global commitments related to the sustainable development of natural resources.

About the Electric Circuit
The Electric Circuit is the largest public charging network for electric vehicles in Quebec. It comprises more than 5,000 public charging stations, including over 870 fast-charging stations, deployed throughout all regions of the province. The Electric Circuit users benefit from 24/7 telephone assistance and a station locating service. The Electric Circuit website and mobile application for iOS and Android are regularly updated as new charging stations are deployed. Members can use the Electric Circuit app to access charging stations within the Electric Circuit network and its partner networks.

About BC Hydro
BC Hydro is a provincial Crown corporation, owned by the government and people of British Columbia, Canada. It generates and delivers electricity to 95% of the population of B.C. and serves over five million people.

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