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The top 10 electric vehicle charging software solutions for 2024

Find the best offerings from EV software companies and what sets each one apart
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Electric vehicles are the future, and as their adoption increases, so does the need for a solid logistical backbone of charging station infrastructure. And while the hardware that delivers thousands of kilowatts of electricity to cars worldwide is impressive in its own right, it must be paired with an appropriate software solution to provide a frustration-free experience for EV drivers, fleet owners, and enterprise managers.

There’s a bit of a gold rush going on in the electric vehicle charging software world right now, but some software solutions are more akin to snake oil than precious metal. With that in mind, here are the best EV charging software solutions keeping cars moving, what makes them unique, and where they stand to improve.

The best electric vehicle charging software


ChargeLab creates software to support EV charging businesses. As an EV software company, ChargeLab is dedicated to delivering white-label solutions that work equally well for leading EV charger manufacturers, turnkey installers, and network operators. It offers a deeply optimized and compatible full-stack solution for EV charging. That includes building and supporting its eponymous product, the only true operating system for EV chargers that can transform any OCPP-compliant device into a smart charger.

Key features:

  • ChargeLab gives fleets, networks, and manufacturers the tools they need to build a better EV infrastructure while offering end users a fun and easy charging experience.
  • Full stack solutions that are open and interoperable, with upgrades released each year, mean ChargeLab offers a true software-first approach to EV charging.
  • ChargeLab is committed to making EV charging more accessible for both network owners and drivers, including handy rebate finders for the US and Canada.

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Ampeco is an EV software company that offers dedicated white-label management software. Its product is built to be easily picked up and used by other brands that run the charging stations and networks themselves, emphasizing a quick start and rapid scalability. The company currently works with charging stations from more than 40 manufacturers.

ampecoKey features:

  • Ampeco delivers a “360-degree, fully branded” white-label experience. It seeks to make it easy to meet your brand standards across the backend, web, and mobile apps.
  • A hardware-agnostic charge point management system means Ampeco works with a range of OCPP-compliant hardware vendors.
  • The Ampeco app integrates home and public charging, allowing users to manage smart charging from one familiar interface.


ChargePoint’s offerings of both software and hardware make it a good choice for organizations seeking a holistic solution to their EV charging needs. The company boasts the largest network of EV charging stations in the US and beyond by a wide margin, though it doesn’t have as many fast charging stations as Tesla, its nearest competitor. 

Source: ChargePoint

Key features:

  • ChargePoint has dedicated implementation services that can deploy EV charging stations at scale.
  • ChargePoint has over a decade of experience in the EV charging space and has constructed the largest charging infrastructure network currently available.
  • ChargePoint as a Service offers financing options that bundle the company’s software, hardware, installation, and monitoring into one package.

Shell Recharge Solutions

Shell Recharge Solutions is backed by one of the energy industry’s biggest names, and offers a turnkey solution for EV charging. The company’s robust software solution is a good fit for fleets, cities, retailers, and more. 

united states-mobile-app_mockup_03
Source:  Shell Recharge Solutions

Key features:

  • Shell provides charging-as-a-service solutions with low upfront costs.
  • Shell offers full operation and maintenance service throughout an agreement period, ensuring that each station is running well.
  • Shell simplifies the installation process by handling site assessment, engineering, installation, and commissioning.

EV Connect

EV Connect is another white-label solution, servicing charging stations in schools, hospitals, hotels, and more. The company offers white-glove installation and setup, with consultation services designed to make the process as easy as possible. EV Connect’s app has maintained positive customer reviews on both the App Store and Google Play.

Source: EV Connect

Key features:

  • EV Connect focuses on providing a pain-free install experience for its customers and a white-label software solution built for scalability.
  • The company’s deployment consultation services make finding an EV charging solution that fits your budget and needs easier.
  • EV Connect Shield is a comprehensive warranty solution for EV charging stations, covering every aspect of operational maintenance.


Driivz focuses its services on optimization, working to ensure that energy consumption is balanced throughout the day. The software helps overcome local grid capacity through intelligent charging technology, reducing the fees incurred during peak times. It can also redirect energy to local storage when prices are at their lowest, resulting in lower operating costs. 

Source: Driivz

Key features:

  • Driivz offers optimization features that reduce the strain on local grid capacity, saving companies money.
  • Storing re-directed power is a simple, efficient way to lower operating costs.
  • Driivz operates in 27 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia, giving it a broad reach.

Honorable mentions:

There are plenty of EV charging station software solutions available. While the above list  comprises the strongest contenders, here are a few options that barely fell short.


With the objective of “building a world where electric mobility is the new normal,” EVBox furnishes customers with an integrated set of charging solutions. That includes flexible and modular charging solutions complete with branded charging hardware. EVBox counts more than 20,000 business customers, including consumer goods giant Unilever.

What it’s missing:

  • While EVBox offers a helpful end-to-end solution for companies that wish to add EV charging to their list of offerings, it is not focused on serving as a dedicated EV software company. If you want to bring your own hardware or otherwise deeply customize your offering, you may be better served elsewhere.


Blink is a fast-growing company that offers both hardware and software solutions, boasting more than 23,000 charging stations worldwide as of 2020. The company’s software and hardware offer all the staples but not much else.

What it’s missing:

  • Blink is a jack of all trades solution, but its software support isn’t quite able to live up to some of the other options on the market. Charging station operators may be better off with software that offers finer control over monetization.


Similar to EVBox, LeapCharger outfits clients with a complete infrastructure for bringing EV charging to their facilities. Its offering currently comes in three forms: 150 eW DC fast charging stations, 40-80 kW charging stations with a 55” screen for advertising, and mobile charging units with speeds up to 40 kW.

What it’s missing:

  • In addition to not offering standalone software services, LeapCharger has opted to host its wallet for user payments on the blockchain. Given mixed perceptions surrounding the eco-friendliness of blockchain and related technologies, some potential users may find this runs counter to the greener appeal of EVs.

Tridens EV Charge

Tridens EV Charge bundles all of your EV infrastructure into a central hub. Tridens allows you to manage an unlimited number of stations with remote commands and smart energy load balancing quickly and efficiently.

What it’s missing:

  • Tridens covers a lot of ground in the IT industry, and EV charging software isn’t its sole focus. While it can monetize any business model, picking a company focused solely on the EV market is a safer bet as the industry grows.

Choosing a partner

Consider each option carefully when deciding which is the best EV charging software for your company. You’ll want to find a partner capable of scaling its services alongside you while providing a top-notch experience to you and your customers. ChargeLab is that solution, offering a robust white-label software suite that puts customizability and flexibility at the forefront. No matter where you’re at in your EV charging business journey, ChargeLab is ready to help you grow ever onwards. Check out our software page to learn more.

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